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Global Healthcare Data and Application Integration


What We do

With more than 2 centuries of business and technology experience, ISAI remains on the cutting edge of at-scale systems and data integrations. Our proprietary Data Refinery is an extensible, cloud-based set of services designed to ingest, cleanse, secure, organize, and map disparate data sources, transforming your business nightmares into competitive advantage. Data integration is not enough. Our expertise extends to surrounding applications as well. There is no value in integrated data if your apps can't consume or interact with your newly integrated and old data. We have seen this movie over and over again in healthcare, finance, insurance, retail, and consumer markets: data sprawl and brittle applications that don't move at the speed of business. 

This is what we do. We make your business more valuable and responsive without disrupting your day to day workflows. Our expertise and technology are unparalleled in this space.

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