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Recent Engagements

Our team have spent decades identifying and solving large scale data and application integration challenges for a wide variety of business, government, and industry clients and partners. Here are some of our most recent initiatives:


VFFF - Ghana

Population Health

"Health is Wealth" according to Mother Fletcher. 

Our goals are to improve health and well-being for underserved communities beginning on the African continent. There are many aspects to achieving these goals, from the establishment of basic needs such as clean water and sanitation, to providing more advanced capabilities in population health care.

ML Training and Integration

Practical use of generative AI for “real-world” problems is hard, requiring both expertise and well-crafted training data. Solutions are built from interdependent machine learning models, and there is usually more than one way to solve a problem, each with different tradeoffs.

Jaxon provides a collaborative canvas and toolbox to augment and formalize the ML process, aiding data scientists with the full development lifecycle. Jaxon combines augmented annotation with semi-supervised learning techniques to accelerate iterative ML development. Using generative AI, synthetic data is created to fill in coverage gaps.


Causal AI for Data Integration

Most machine learning and AI platforms don’t take into account the most important aspect of decision-making: “why.” They make predictions based on static data, and the only constant in business is change. With Causality, your software can reason based on cause-and-effect relationships and direct input from your team to make real decisions that optimize operational performance, not just make predictions.


Patient Network

National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Patient Network offers a safe and supportive place where patients and caregivers can share experiences, ask questions, and get answers related to kidney health, kidney disease, transplantation and living organ donation. 

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