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Chris Craddock


Chris Craddock

Chris Craddock brings more than 30 years of experience in senior engineering and operations roles in the software development and infrastructure management software industry. Chris is laser focused on building secure, scalable and sustainable systems. In CTO and Chief/Principal architecture roles at Splunk, Oracle, PwC, Intuit, Salesforce, HP, CA and BMC software, Chris was responsible for architecture and product development for public cloud and enterprise datacenter customers. Working in partnership with several other current Pulse Infoframe leaders, he was head of engineering and operations for the Oracle Cancer Research Cloud initiative which sought to provide a cloud-scale platform supporting the information needs of cancer patients, clinicians, researchers, as well as the evidence basis for payers and Pharma. He has extensive experience with the multidimensional complexities of rare and orphan diseases.

Chris is based in Houston, TX and has a passion for guitars of all shapes and sizes

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